Let me first say that I’ve been so encouraged by the comments on this blog as well as the people who’ve contacted me in person or through Facebook. I’m so blessed!

Today’s issue is not incredibly pressing, but it is one that’s been on my mind the last couple of days. I’ve heard a variety of opinions from several different people (including my mom), but I’m still not sure.

I’ve continued to babysit for families with small children in college and beyond. All of the families have a girl who is the appropriate age to be a flower girl, and one of them in particular I am very close to. Her parents have been huge encouragements, especially in the period a few months ago when I didn’t have a job. She’ll be four in February and is incredibly well-behaved and sweet, so she would be a great flower girl.

The problem is, my dad’s sister has three little girls. The oldest is 7.5, so she’s too old. The youngest just turned 2, so she’s a little too young. But the middle one will be 5 in June, so she’s at the right age as well. However, I really only want one flower girl, because I don’t want everything to be too complicated, and because I don’t have as deep of a relationship with my cousin, I’d rather have my sweet babysitting charge.

My mom is worried I’ll offend my aunt. My dad doesn’t care. Fiance says I should do what I want. My friend E said I could just have two flower girls.

What do you think?