I spent the greater part of my lunch break yesterday talking with my mom about the response cards that are included in wedding invitations. I was wondering how necessary they were.

My mom said that she wasn’t sure if we needed them if we weren’t going to serve a meal, but I said that I had received them in cards for the last two weddings I went to, neither of which had a meal. We reached a consensus that we wanted the guests to RSVP.

I spent some time looking at inexpensive envelopes online and considered printing up my own response cards, but then I spoke with a friend who got married last summer. She said that people really don’t send back response cards with any kind of consistency, so it might be easier and more efficient to just set up an e-mail address.

I spoke to my mom today and we decided we’re going to just put the e-mail either on the invitation or on a little piece of paper in with the invitation, and it will include the e-mail address I set up as well as my parents’ home phone number.

I’m so happy about this, because it will not only save money on the printing of the response cards and the envelopes, but it will save time and money on the postage for the invitations. It does’t get much more simple than that.

Did you require or are you requiring guests to RSVP? If so, will you use response cards, e-mail or some other kind of method?

Update: Another thing I forgot to mention/ask was that for about 20-30 of the people we want to invite, we were just going to make a Facebook event. This would include many of Fiance’s friends from school as well as some of the students he works with in a campus ministry right now. Not only would they be more likely to RSVP on Facebook, but they would probably immediately throw away an invitation if we sent them one. Thoughts on this?